Broadband Speed Test

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Internet Speed Test for Broadband

Before you begin the Broadband Speed Test, below are some tips to get accurate results

  • Close All Applications
    • Close everything such as Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, all browser windows and tabs (except the one you're using for the test) and any other programs that stream video and music.
    • If it uses the Internet, you'll want to shut it down before you run the test.
  • Connect Directly to Modem
    • Connect your computer directly to your modem
    • Run the test with a single device connected directly to your modem using an Ethernet connection
    • Remove any hubs, switches, or routers between your computer and the modem
  • Power Off / Shut Down Devices
    • Turn off or unplug other computers, web-enabled printers and TVs, other routers, tablets, smart phones, web cams, DVRs, game systems, VoIP phones and content streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast.